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Medieval History / Delhi Sultanate

Sayyid and Lodi Dynasties

    Sayyid Dynasty

    • Sayyid dynasty is the 4th dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. Sayyid Khizr Khan, who was once an officer of Delhi Sultanate captured Delhi and established Sayyid dynasty after the death of the last Sultan of Tughlaq dynasty, Nasir-ud-din Mahmud Shah Tughlaq.

    • Khizr Khan has not taken up the Sultan title and continued to be a vassal of the Timurids.

    • Mubarak Shah succeeded by his father Khizr Khan. He had a great vision, but his nobles were not in good terms with him and kept on revolting against him.

    • The last king of Sayyid dynasty is Ala-ud-din Alam Shah. He didn't even cross Palam in Delhi. He was a weak ruler and he surrendered Delhi throne to Bahlul Lodi and hence Lodi dynasty came to power.

    Lodi Dynasty

    • Lodi dynasty belongs to the Afghan race. They are the first Afghan rulers of India. The previous 4 dynasties of Delhi Sultanate were of Turkish race.

    • The second king of Lodi dynasty is Sikandar Lodi. In 1506 AD, he built the city of Agra. He moved the capital from Delhi to Agra.

    • The last king of Lodi dynasty is Ibrahim Lodhi. In 1526 AD, Babur invaded India and killed Ibrahim Lodi in Panipat. It is called the First Battle of Panipat. With this, Delhi Sultanate came to end. Ibrahim Lodi was the only Sultan of Delhi to be killed in the battlefield. Mughals continued to rule from Agra.